Preferred Grocery Delivery

Not an expert as I just tried it for the first time… But it was very simple at FT. W.

I used Prime Now. Downloaded the app, entered Amazon log in and entered items into cart. I did this the night before we left.

Select 2 hour delivery window (this is what I wish I understand going in, thought 2 hr was within 2 hr… You have to select a 2 hr window in the future…it may be later in the day or the next day so I’d recommend doing this from the airport when you land).

I met my drivers outside registration at FT. W. Drop off at Rivera may be different, just ask. I think bell services will accept for you as well, but you may want to get confirmation from someone else or call the hotel directly.

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We ordered delivery from Walmart…only because that was one I was familiar with. Our area doesn’t have Prime Now and have never used Instacart. Actually did a Walmart curbside pick up order on our way in which was really quick and easy, more so than our store at home, and a delivery order midway. We chose a delivery window, which I believe was one-hour, and met the driver out front at our resort. Well worth the 7.95 delivery fee and tip.

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Anyone use instacart? Can i use it in VA normally and use it for a visit in FL?

I’ve used Instacart to deliver to Disney resorts. Easy. No problems. And I have used where I live and when I have visited FL.

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Thank you!!!

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just wanted to add… @jeremy.dmiller mentioned that bell services will accept groceries for you. in my experience, this was the case. all times i’ve ordered (from garden grocer and amazon), the deliveries went to bell services. this was at pop and pofq. unfortunately, i can’t speak to current protocols and if resorts allow for that or not.


So funny because I always count up how many cans I’m ordering and divide by how many nights, then divide by 2 because both my DH and I are beer drinkers and NOW I also have to factor in the longer hours staying in our room :laughing:

Vacation beer math is exhausting. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL, yes it is!

Apologies for resurrecting an old thread. Just curious if it is possible to have a Prime Now delivery made directly to your unit when staying at one of the larger complexes such as OKW. If you can give the unit number, it seems like the driver should be able to drive right up to your building to make the delivery. Has anyone tried this and had it work? A friend of mine is going to be at OKW for 5 nights in just over a week. She would like to get a few things delivered for breakfasts/snacks.

We had to meet them at the lobby at FT. Wilderness. Not sure if they will go to units at the others or not.

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Good to know. Thanks.

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