Preferred at CBR?

Would you think it was worth it to upgrade to preferred at CBR Christmas week if it costs $534 extra? I like being close to everything, but it would have to be a great upgrade for $534! I could add 2 extra nights at that cost, and still have some money left over.

I’m a princess so I’d upgrade… BUT if money was tight I’d just stay with a regular room and do a strategic fax request for a popular building (non-preferred but close to preferred…); people here seem to dig Martinique and Jamaica.

I would not spend that money to upgrade. We stayed standard in Jamaica and it was very close to everything. I’d add 2 nights instead, way better value!

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I agree with Wahoohokie. Stay in Jamaica. Close to a bus stop and not too far to food court and big pool. There is a quiet pool close to the Jamaica bldg.