Predicted Wait Times are Lower on Days with a Higher Crowd Calendar Level

I’m working on booking my park days for a trip coming up Nov 27th through Dec 4th. I’m looking specifically at Hollywood Studios on Monday the 29th or Tuesday the 30th. Monday the 29th has a predicted crowd level of 2 but when I compare the predicted wait times for the attractions, Tuesday, which is at a level 4, appears to have much more favorable wait times. Should I book my days based on the predicted wait times or the crowd calendar level? I’m seeing similar results for MK on the 2nd, level 4, versus any other day during the week, level 3.

There isn’t that much of a difference between crowd levels so I’d just book whichever fits best with your schedule. Using a TP will help you avoid the longest waits anyway.


We are going the same week and gave up on TP plans. The wait times are strange, extremely long for some attractions and extremely short for others. I think the data is off due to Genie+ and how the pandemic has been going. So we are just picking our rope drop attractions and going from there with what I have learned reading other people’s attempts and blogs. We are taking afternoon breaks most days and going back in the evenings when wait times seem to go down again.

There should be a November update any day now… TP is trying to get as much data as they can with the introduction of Genie / Genie + / LL$

It, typically, takes 3 - 4 weeks when a new attraction is introduced for TP to have accurate times. Now, imagine that they have to redo everything not just for one attraction, but for most rides across all four parks.

They have said you should see an update “mid-November” and then another “Late-November”.

Typically, I LOVE to go the week after Thanksgiving / first week of December due to low crowds. This year, I’m still holding off. I think it’s going to be sooo busy with everyone trying to “make-up” for trips missed and such…