Pre-WDW jitters

For some reason I’m feeling slightly anxious this morning. 36 days to go. It’s almost like it’s too soon! Am I ready? And as soon as it starts, the sooner it’ll be over.

I must admit I’m freaking out a little about all the rain there’s been in Orlando recently. I know, I know “poncho up and power through” but that just doesn’t work for me. WDW in the sunshine is a very different place to WDW in the rain.

I need to stop reading the Liners app!


I have been at the end of May and it is hot but not as humid. I have been in early August when it rains for a short time in late afternoon. I have been over Labor day several times including when Hurricane Katrina passed Florida. Warm and wet is better than when I did a February trip to Disneyland and got three days of cold and wet.

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It will be great!

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I know what you mean. Ever since the big FP+ glitch last week, I nervously check mine several times a day.

The good news is, my luggage tags, Magic Bands, bit belts, and lots of other little goodies have come in. DH has started packing his snack bag. He found 3 pouches of turkey jerky on clearance for $1 a bag so he bought all 3. He’s a constant snacker but is hypoglycemic so sugary snacks are a BIG no-no. I’m keeping myself busy these last 4 weeks making shirts and ears.


I’m freaking out too. We got the car back and it drives fine but I hear noises that I did not before. DD has been home sick most of the week. DW keeps having her hours changed 45 hours one week 30 hours the next. Will we have enough money, will the car make it, will we be sick? Will I be driving and see a sign that says “FLORIDA LEFT” and I’ll have to turn around and go home?

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It’s going to be so great!

And if it’s not, you have me to (partially) blame :woman_shrugging:


Last week our magic bands were shipped and delivered to Texas, we live in Missouri. The cast member tried to say I somehow selected to address in Texas which was a bit absurd. He also kept wanting to send my bands to the resort instead which I wasn’t having. We’re flying into Sanford which was a dumb move on my part but the last thing I want is to wait around getting bands when we could be walking right to our rooms and going for a swim! Anyone else had these kinds of issues? We’re 22 days out so it is cutting it close. I just would rather take a chance on getting them before we go.

I am with you! We leave on June 7 and I have maybe half of my touring plans done and I’m not really even sure what we are doing for the last few days. Plus, I am second guessing staying at POR and seeing about switching to Beach Club for part of the time. I’m a mess. You would think it would be better since this isn’t my first trip, but it will be my first trip without my kids (just me and the husband this time) and I find that I’m having a hard time with the planning.

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I always get stressed, probably because I plan everything so carefully and so far in advance! I think that’s my way of trying to make the time go more quickly, but as my trip closes in I start to get nervous! That said, there are always highs and lows of every trip. If the weather is a low, try to focus on the highs!

Last December we got rained on throughout almost all of MVMCP. We were super annoyed at first but it ended up being one of our most memorable nights ever! We rode Splash Mountain 4 times in a row (with ponchos) because we couldn’t get any wetter, and the rain stopped just in time for the fireworks. Also rain lowers the crowds and WDW knows Florida is rainy… there are tons of inside things to do. It’s not ideal, but I’d rather be at WDW in the rain that most other places in perfect weather!!

I loved, LOVED POR. When we were rebooking this year (AKL first, then decided to change when we learnt the pool was going to be closed), we strongly considered going back to POR. The bus transportation was good, the resort was super cute and nice and is very closed to Disney Springs.

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It rained on our AK day, and let me tell you that muggy, misty poncho me is not the most pleasant person. Luckily we got onto FOP in like 40 minutes…and we went on Kali river rapids a few times because we were already a mess.

I think you’re right about it being different. Is it still fun, sure…but when it’s sunny it’s just that much better…although I learned a harsh lesson about re-applying sunscreen.

going Saturday… there has been a break in the rain last 3 days I believe but it all kicks off again Saturday through till early next week…I will be muggy and misty in AK on Sunday lol