Pre-Trip: The One Where You Almost Feel Complacent Trip

115 days to go until this trio from the UK make yet another trip. Well, I say “yet another”…it’ll be my 8th time (14 days each time), my wife’s 3rd trip and her daughters 2nd trip. I have been visiting WDW since 1999, so, to be obvious - it really is a home away from home/happy place…etc. That said, when I took my wife, then just my girlfriend, 4 years ago I did wonder if she’d get the bug just as much as I have over the years. Luckily, she’s more than onboard. She’s got ears and a Spirit jersey - what more could you want?!

For the 4th time Port Orleans will be our base. In 1999, It (shock horror, I took my first wife (I didn’t kill her) (honest):crazy_face: was Dixie Landings way back then. I simply booked the holiday via a few glossy pages in a brochure and the much loved Planning DVD, of course, I knew nothing of the other resorts their dining offerings or much at all about WDW as a whole. Disney Springs wasn’t even twinkle in an eye back then, but Pleasure Island in all its disjointed weirdness was in full flow. Anyway, I digress…due to it’s location, proximity to Disney Springs (a favourite of my wife, especially) we’ll be staying at French Quarter - now this IS a first as previously we have stayed on property at Riverside. (Some may say we’re simply staying there because we cannot abide Yee Ha Bob, but they are merely rumours…:joy:)

We’re using the “Regular” Dining Plan (for the 2nd time) previously it’s just been QS and all our reservations are booked. Because the ladies are both vegetarians it’s not a simple selection for them - in fact, it’s quite difficult to find somewhere that caters for them beyond Goats Cheese, Pizza and Risotto…but we’ve made some good bookings, I feel. Disney are changing, as they always do, and more varied food offerings are appearing but there’s still some way to go to making options clear and obvious for the veggies, bless 'em.

Anyhoo, here’s the list…

Crystal Palace
Via Napoli
1900 Park Fare
Raglan Road
Maria & Enzo’s
Sebastian’s Bistro
Tusker House
Ale & Compass
Grand Floridian Cafe

Only a few have we eaten at before - Boma, Splitsville, Via Napoli, Raglan Road, the rest are all new to us - which is kinda what we wanted to achieve. It’s so easy to stick to what you know at WDW. That said, my QS meals will mostly revolve around Nuggets and I’ll fight anyone that wishes to take them away from me!!!

On our last trip, we visited a lot of resorts rathre than trying to cram in every ride (not that we didn’t manage to ride Haunted Mansion many times or Tower of Terror SIX times in succession; true story!) and we hope to do the same even though we were not that enthused with our meals at 'Ohana and both Wilderness Resorts, the resorts themselves are beautiful.

This time, we’re still visiting AKL, Yacht Club, Caribbean Beach (a first for us), as well as other plans to hit Beaches and Cream/Ample Hills Creamery so the daughter can satisfy her ice cream cravings! (OK, OK, mine too…)

To that end, aside from the Fastpass scrum - I feel I’m kinda done. DME has been booked, no car hire or any of that stress - no Universal, obviously - heaven forfend :wink:

Of course, there’s still plenty to switch around. 4 years ago I did plan the whole shebang meticulously and it has served me well since, but things move and change - it always does. But, so far, so good…

I do feel I’ve ‘missed something’ or that complacency has yet to bite me on the ass. It could happen. Maybe, just maybe!

Hopefully, as it’s our 50th birthdays this year (eek!) I hope to find a surprise tour or something ‘special’ for her. That would be the icing on the cake but, yeah, otherwise, we’re ready to meet THE mouse!


Go to Tusker House for the character interaction. Don’t be surprised if the curries are pretty bad. And, by pretty bad, I mean terrible. I wanted it to be so much better than it was, but, I should have thought, “DISNEY curries.” There were other things that were truly, very good, but anything with an ethnic tinge to it, was plain out awful. Please share your results, and don’t let me deter you - it’s just a warning about the ethnic offerings. There were some very simple things that were great. We ate well.

They do chicken strips VERY well. I would never in a zillion years order chicken strips at a restaurant, but I can happily order them at Wallyworld QS. They never let me down. It’s kind of a joke in our family - none of us are chicken nugget/strip ppl at ALL, but we get them all the time in WDW - they are better than avg, and usually the alternatives are ho-hum.

Ample Hills is THE TRUTH. :pig:

Terralina- that’s the craft Italian place in disney Springs? DH hated it. I mean hated. Made me vow to never make him eat there again.

I learned there are 2 kinds of pizza - Neopolitan, And the other kind. They serve the other kind and it’s awful.

Fortunately, I don’t think any of us are likely to go for pizza at Terralina - Meatballs for me!

Yeah, got to admit Tuskers wasn’t my first choice, but I’ve been swayed by a few factors along the way. My step-daughter hasn’t been to any character meals yet, so we’re mostly going to see her reaction in a twisted way. Yes, we are that cruel.

Ample Hills I’m very much looking forward to. VERY.

All the financial admin has now been taken care of…and we’re paid and good to go.

Just the small matter of spending money for merch and margaritas left, oh and tips, can’t forget tips for the hard working servers.

Only 105 days to go. Just the remainder of winter and the buds of spring begin to show, then it’s time.

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