Pre-trip report - Feb 2019 Split Stay - Pop and Universal Aventura

Hi everyone- Got a nice trip coming up and wanted to do a pre-trip report for you guys and after my trip I will have tons of pictures and story lines that will detail my day to day adventures.

So to start off with, the trip details!

How many:
Two of us to start (meeting some liners later on during the trip)

Flying out of:
Boston, MA


Minneapolis, MN

Feb 1st - 10th 2019


Feb 1st - 7th -> Disney World (MK, EP, DHS, AK)
Feb 7th - 10th -> Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure

Feb 1st - 7th -> Pop Century Resort , Preferred Room Selection


Feb 7th - 10th -> Universal Aventura , Skyline View Room Selection

The Plan:
I have found that on trips where you have time to spend more than 1 day at each park, it is much better and less exhausting to split the days up into mini park hop days. With the exception of our first full day (2/2), the general day is to get to park at either RD or for breakfast to get in the park early, do the headliner attractions, grab a bite, then head out and back to the resort for either pool time or resort time. Then, later on that evening go to dinner, and then back to a different park for the evening.

There’s a few reasons for this.

  1. If you do one full park a day, some people are exhausted and done by 4-5pm. Then they go to dinner, are pooped, then they may go back for fireworks. After 3 days of this, they’re done, exhausted, and cranky.

  2. I feel like by splitting the days up, I can re-visit attractions multiple times or shows multiple times without feeling rushed or like I’m going to miss something. Instead of maybe RD’ing FoP once, and doing a FoP FPP once, I can now visit AK 3 different days, and I got FPP’s for all 3 days. I also may even RD FoP once or twice even.

  3. I’m not really a fan of using the word “refreshed” or “recharged” but by not spending ALL DAY in a park and taking breaks mid-day, you end up feeling like you can do more and get more out of the trip. You’re not rushed, you’re not at the park all day bumping into strollers, you can do multiple RD’s because you’re not completely worn out by your 3rd day on a 10 day trip.

  4. This also lets me take a 3rd or 4th day, make it a half rest day so to speak. Sleep in, have a nice late breakfast at Kona Cafe, walk around the Poly, then go to a park that afternoon for some “small plates at the Brown Derby” …a few attractions, and then relax at Disney Springs that evening for some dinner and drinks. Maybe a little bowling or something.

Below is my (not completely final) trip itinerary:

There will be 2 of us, adults only, no kids and I believe we have a few meets and greets with some fellow Touring Plan liners this trip. I will post more as we get closer to the trip date. Then, of course there will be a full post trip report afterwards.

Also, regarding the Super Bowl part (being that I live in Boston), I’m really really hoping that the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl but if they don’t we’re still going to the party of course. It would just be a really nice bonus if they did.

See you soon!


Sounds like a great trip! I hop you report out about Adventura!

I have to say your graphics are amazing!

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Thank you for posting! This is helpful for my trip planning for 5 adults in late May.

This is exactly what happened to my family (all adults) during the WDW segment of a UOR/WDW trip a couple of years ago. The first 4 days at UOR were great, but when we go to WDW, people were burning out fast as we had much less fun. We are getting park hoppers this time (base tickets last time) and have fewer park days planned. We also picked hotels that will provide a pleasant retreat from the parks for us. We were at AoA last time which was just too loud (both visually and audibly) for our group.

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Nice plans! We actually have a very similar trip planned for the week after yours- 2/9 through 2/13 at the Poly then 2/14 - 2/16 at the Hard Rock. Love the mini park hop idea!

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Love this! Have a great trip!

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