Pre-Trip Fitness Challenge Ideas

Hi all! My family’s planning a Disney/Universal trip for the 50th anniversary, and several of us (myself included) are out of shape. Luckily, we have over a year to get our buns in gear (we’re going in November of 2022).

My family loves a little friendly competition, so I’m trying to come up with a fun way to challenge all of us to get into better shape before our trip. I know we each will have different goals, but I’m trying to think of a fun way to keep the family engaged in the challenge over the course of the next year and to acknowledge or reward family members who hit the goal before the trip.

Any ideas? Keep in mind we’re the Disney family that has no little ones. I’m 36 and I’m the youngest. The oldest in the group is in her 70s.


Do you all have Apple watches? You can set up friendly competition in the Challenge app. You can keep it private, to just your group, or you can open it up to others or make it public. I have been doing them with friends for 7 months now and the accountability is tremendously motivating. You win nothing but bragging rights in the challenge, but you can certainly set up rewards on your own.

It does only work with Apple watches though. So if you don’t have those this is a nonstarter. But I would bet there are other similar apps out there for other platforms.


I don’t have an apple watch and currently chasing heart related covid issues but I am doing what I can do, but have to say I am loving mynetdiary app. I track my food, and all the info there, and add my steps, and weight. They make suggestions too. Just fyi (I am finding it more helpful than my weekly meeting a nutritionist)