Pre-trip anxiety

I have eight weeks left to go and am nearly at the end of my planning. Just a few FPPs to sort out.

To my complete surprise, the other day I almost felt sad that I “only” have eight weeks left to go. Like the time is passing too quickly and I’ll soon be there. And then . . . well a week later and I’ll be on my way back home and it will all be over.

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Until next time of course. You have that consolation at least

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I know, we started planning in January…somehow the five months has flown by!

we are flying down may 12 too!


I am feeling nervous too! Mostly hoping that my plans go well. I realize some things won’t go as planned, and that’s ok. But the planning has been really fun, although taking up a lot of time and mental space. This is my kids’ and husband’s first trip, my first time in 20 years and first time planning a trip. I haven’t been this excited about anything, since, well, probably the last time I went to WDW!

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I always get butterflies those last few days before the trip and second guess everything until we RD our first park. It all melts away after that and everything just falls into motion. No matter how many trips I take, I feel the same way every single time. Sometimes I wonder if if the rush of the planning that keeps me going back!

yes we are, hope we all have a fantastic trip!!!

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We just stayed PORS,this past March. No problems with the Disney bus transportation. You’ll be fine.

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We are arriving 5/10 and also staying at POR! ive had SUCH anxiety the past few weeks.

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Good to know ty, I’ve read and seen online it’s a very large property, is there any point in requesting close room to central location? Or are all buildings somewhat close to something lol

Are you staying in the mansions or the bayou section?

Honestly no idea, is there a way to check? We booked a garden view room.

Everyone’s responses have made me feel a little better. Today I just want to be done work and get ready for bed! Bring on the 5 am flight tomorrow!

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I don’t think there’s a way to check (except all Princess rooms are mansion rooms i think), but you should use the Touring Plans fax a room request feature.

Do some research and decide on the following:

Type of building (Magnolia Bend or Alligator Bayou).

Which building within that type to request (e.g. Oak Manor, Magnolia Terrace).

Find a good room using the room finder here.

Then plug the blurb they suggest for that room into the fax function at your dashboard.

It is a big resort. We requested bldg 39 and got assigned #39. Have to admit the 1st day it was a bit confusing finding our room. After we figured out the paths ,no problems. Our thoughts on it was ,put us in the middle. We weren’t really close to anything, it was also less than 10min walk to get anywhere. It worked for us. As far as the transportation. We were always at the bus stop 1hr.15min before R.D.&always made it with time to spare.

I have 770 days left until I am in the World, and I can tell you I am planning already. Once I have my fastpasses sorted out and my meals scheduled, along with my touring plans made, I won’t know what to do. I have studied the maps so much I don’t need to waste time when we get there to figure out where we need to go. I already know where we will be going and in order each day.

I am still in the process of tweaking my touring plans and schedules, but I have a little bit more time than you do to finish that. :slight_smile:

That’s where I am now, with 53 days to go. There’s virtually nothing left to do but wait. For just under eight long weeks.

I’ve planned next year’s trip in outline, but I’m miles away from even the ADR date.