Pre-trip anxiety

We’re leaving in two days, and I find myself totally stressed! I have no planning left to do…is this anxiety normal? It seems like it’s only associated with this Disney trip because I’ve had to plan so much.

Am I on the verge of a planning-related breakdown? Excuse me while I breathe into a paper bag and hide under my desk at work for the next hour.


The whole point behind the massive planning exercise is to take the stress out of the vacation itself and spread it out over the months before it. You have done everything you can by this point - take a deep breath, relax, and let the vacation begin! :smiley:


Here’s the thing. What you’re experiencing is normal. But I’ll tell you what’s going to come next.

You’re going to get to your first park, and all your planning (essentially, training), will kick in. You’ll have your plans, you’ll begin to execute those plans, and you’re going to feel like a bloody magician.

Your plan will work so well, you’ll start getting ahead of the times, and you’ll start to add extra rides just to buy time for the plan to catch back up to you. You’re going to know where everything is, WHEN everything is. You’re going to look around at the peasants who came to “wing it”… you’ll recognize them by the tears in their eyes and the bitter recriminations on their lips. Meanwhile, your family will be kings and queens, rocking the Casbah.

And that stress you’re feeling right now? A distant memory.


LOL! It is kind of stressful because everything is coming to a head and now you’ll learn if all your time & effort will be worth it! But just keep in mind that a day in Disney is pretty much better than a day anywhere else. And remind yourself that it’s okay to skip things or miss things in your plans due to taking things a little slower or deciding to do something last-minute. I love planning down to almost every minute, but I have come to value letting my husband & kids have some leeway when they are obviously having fun doing something and it’s “running over”! :wink:


I honestly feel the same. We arrive in 13 days for our first trip ever and you start wondering, did i plan in too much or not enough, I’m unfamiliar with transportation there and have read its a nightmare getting around.


Where are you staying, re. transportation?

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Port Orleans riverside

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So what if your plan is totally wrong. If you missed packing something. If you got the wrong FPs on the wrong days. If you DIDN’T get FPs. If you arrive late. If you arrive early. If you don’t make it to any of your ADRs. Etc, etc, etc.

So what?

You’ll STILL have a great time and get it worked out. Planning for the sake of control only gives a false sense of control. Things can and will go wrong. So what? Have fun anyway!

Enjoy the moment, and forget about the plan. As you said, you’re done planning.


We stayed at POFQ in 2016. Transportation was definitely NOT a nightmare, though we did hit two annoying bumps, missing rope drop for Typhoon Lagoon and Magic Kingdom on separate days because of poor bus dispatching.

Every trip my husband (who does zero of the planning even though I try and drag his input into the process) complains about the amount of time and effort I put into planning our WDW trips.

Every trip.

In the weeks leading up to our departures, he swears we are never going again. I don’t have the stress, he does and he isn’t even doing the planning.


When we are there, and everything runs smoothly…When we are breezing through the parks w/ minimal wait times and I know exactly what the best CS options are (I pick a few so we can be flexible based on what we feel like eating that day)…When we are able to eat at our favorite TS restaurants because I planned and booked ahead of time?..

…yeah, he is really grateful and admits that all of my planning does make our trips significantly better. :slight_smile:

I will ad, that all your research and knowledge will also give you the ability to divert from your carefully plotted plans, when you need to relax and enjoy the magic. You now have that knowledge in your head so you can enjoy those spontaneous magic moments and then pick up where you need to, and continue your plans.



If I’m worried about this I’ve read Uber of Lyft is better way to go?

Totes normal, I experience this too! Esp first time going with a TP last fall. I didn’t know if my sister would be on board with all my plans. But, “The value is in the Planning, not in the Plan”. Having studied the schedules and maps and attractions in depth while I created my touring plans meant that when my sister wanted to do things “out of order” I could be flexible and relaxed and not freak out about being off plan- because I knew that having rearranged things eleventy million times on the screen, there were only a few things where order was critical. And in those cases I could say “I notice the line is so much shorter for X right now, let’s do that and circle back!” and it didn’t feel like I was forcing her to follow a rigid plan. You’ll be an expert and have a blast!


The beauty of obsessive planning is not in the plan but in your level of knowledge about what is a must do, where the next ride is, what FPP might be available the day of, that you need a long time for transportation, having an ADR so you don’t have a middle-of-the-park “I hate hot dogs” meltdown looking for food when your kid is hangry. Things will go wrong–bathroom breaks when you are rushing to get to your FPP window, upset tummy b/c too many mickey bars, Haunted Mansion breaking down for 35 minutes while you are stuck in the ballroom (I mean hypothetically :wink: ), you will sleep too late, etc. But with lots of pre-trip planning, you will feel comfortable in rolling with the punches. Maybe it’s just anxiety that the clock is not ticking quickly enough— HAVE A GREAT TRIP!!!


It depends on your day. In my example, the TL miss was not a big deal, but the MK miss was a serious nuisance, ended up with 30 minute line at PP instead of a walk-on. You might want to think about one of those options on a “I can’t be late today” day.

If you don’t have kids who need car seats, you can take an Uber or Lyft if you need it. But honestly, most of the time the free park transportation does pretty well. If you feel anxious about it, work backwards with your time line - figure out when you want to be at a park, and then plan to catch the bus at least one hour ahead of that. Or, give yourself a “I won’t wait longer than…” timeframe - meaning, if you get to the bus stop and you wait 20 minutes with no bus in sight, decide what your max time is. Maybe it’s 30 minutes - if you wait 30 minutes and still no bus, then call the Uber/Lyft. Just know what your max wait time is so you can let go of the worry about what to do.

I think it’s normal too. If you are like me you may feel it even up to the first morning in the parks. Just don’t forget to have fun. If I have one regret from our last trip it’s that on our very first morning we were running a few minutes behind and my mother was goofing around with the kids…well, it’s vacation and I ought to have ENJOYED watching her goof around with my kids. Instead I snapped at her and hurt her feelings because I was in a hurry to get there. Made no sense.

All the plans in the world are worth nothing if we forget what we are trying to achieve in the first place…FUN!


We purchase the most current guide and subscribe to touring plans every time we go. We are going in December and this will be the 7th time to follow these guys. They don’t let you down. If you arrive EARLY, follow the tour suggestions in the Unofficial Guide you will have a wonderful time. Now just sit back and relax.

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We Ubered to blizzard beach rather than deal with connections. For MK we did not have issues with rope drop and the buses but also left a lot of time. Our plan was arriving an hour before RD so that if we missed the first bus we would be on with waiting for the next.

This sounds SO MUCH like me and my husband

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I think we’re going the exact same days lol.

We’re going May 13-22nd. I’m actually flying into MCO on May 12 and staying the night at the hotel at the airport before my friend flies in on the 13th, then we’re off to Beach Club to check-in. :slight_smile: