Pre-Rope-Drop Breakfast from Epcot International Gateway

Last time I was at Disney World, I snagged an 8:20 am ADR for Garden Grill. (Reservation became available at 6am the week before the trip). We left the Poly at about 7, walked to the transportation hub 7:15, missed a train by seconds. Bus & train waits are probably the most challenging family time at the parks. Didn’t arrive at the main gate until about 7:50. There was already a long line for early diners. (Week before Easter, level 9 observed). Got coffee & donuts from Joffery’s for the wait. It took 35 minutes to get through the single file security line and got to the Garden Grill at 8:30. 90 minutes of travel time was kind of stressful with a tired hungry family, but we only got to breakfast a little late, and it all worked out OK. 30 minutes was enough time. Food was good, they had POG on request, lots of character interactions, got to Soarin at 9:00 sharp and got two rides with little wait. First ride was 70% empty. Picking your seat is always nice. (eww gross don’t say that!)

This time I’ll be at the International Gateway from Beachclub.


  • Can you enter for Epcot for “Pre-Rope-Drop Dining” from the International Gateway?
  • If I cannot snag a lucky ADR, do they let people into Les Halles pre-rope drop to pick up a walking breakfast, or do you have to wait until after 9 to get in?
  • I think I’d like to try Les Halles breakfast, but I could also go to Board Walk Bakery I guess. I’ve been to neither for breakfast. Anyone care to compare?

We were at International (see upcoming trip report) on saturday. Yes, they were letting those with ADR’s through there. No problem. No, they were NOT letting people to Les Halles prior to park opening despite many attempts. Our lines were super mellow. Can’t comment on the food though.

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When you look online, it says Les Halles opens at 9am each day. It might vary a bit, but it looks like you would have to wait until rope drop just for that to be an option.


If you don’t need to done before RD then I would choose Les Halles over the Boardwalk Bakery - they’re both fine but I think LH has a much better selection and is a higher quality all round. Of course, if you want to eat before RD then you should go to the BB.

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