Pre-RD BOG and Ride options

We have a BOG ADR at 8:10, and we have a fast pass for 7DMT at 9:10. Are there any other rides open and operating pre-RD? We could do 7DMT once after BOG without FP, but I have 2 and 4 year olds, so I’m not sure they will want to ride 7DMT twice… Pooh would be a great option if it operates pre-RD?

Your 7DMT FP is good until 10:10 so I’d ride as much other stuff that’s close prior to heading over to 7DMT to maximize being there early. Pooh, Peter Pan and maybe Dumbo would be the main targets, particularly Pooh & Peter Pan as the lines for those get bad. But basically, there’s no reason to be at 7DMT at 9:10 - enjoy the empty park for awhile before jumping the line with your Fast Passes…


With your two year old I would head for PP. it may not open 10 minutes early, but you should have a jump on the crowd . Then you could go to Pooh before 7DMT.


We found that Dumbo was nicer to have a longer wait so the kids could get more time in the playground. We went when it was a 30 min wait. It was a NICE wait getting to sit down on a bench in the air-conditioned play-ground while the kids ran around having fun. The hardest part was when our buzzer rang our DD2 was not ready to leave the playground for Dumbo.

But Pooh and Peter Pan definitely are great ones to hit up first and second.

I was also wondering what rides if any were available pre-RD. If available I would definitely recommend PP and Pooh for your kids. Dumbo too :slight_smile:

I don’t want to hijack this thread too much, but I have a related question…

We have pre-RD reservations at BOG. I haven’t yet planned what we’ll do afterwords. Should we try to get fastpasses for Mine Train, or assume we can get there before the crowds? Could we do both Mine Train and Peter Pan early, such that neither would need fastpasses?

Thanks for all the help!

I read on another thread that many people get 1 to 2 rides (or more) in at 7DMT after finishing up at their ADR BOG breakfast. You have just enough time before the rope droppers arrive. The only glitch right now is the Early Morning Magic days, that wont help the situation b/c you’ll have a separate crowd in early. So you may consider saving your FP for another ride versus using it on 7DMT.

Even if rides don’t open before RD, they open to you right at RD so you will be on them while the RD crowd is still coming from the front gate. When we were there in late April the only one that actually opened before RD was 7DMT but I got in line with my DD2 (2nd in line) to meet Anna and Elsa, did that right at RD and was on Peter Pan with my DH and older kids (who had already ridden 7DMT) before the crowds had arrived from RD. After that we were able to quickly ride other nearby rides like Pooh and little mermaid with little to no lines.

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Was it easy to get the pre-RD BOG reservation? I’m hoping to get one in a week when I can make my ADRs!

I think it depends on the time of the year. I was able to get it easily at 180 days for my April trip.

That’s what I’ve been obsessing about today lol. We are there Nov 28- Dec 3. Hoping for Tuesday or Thursday of that week.

I made it for a couple of days last trip. The last time I went in December MK opened everyday at 8:00. Watch those hours!

And you had no trouble getting 8:00? I’m assuming you made it at the 180 day mark…
As of now the published hours for the two days I’m looking at (Nov28/30) say 9:00.

Hopefully that doesn’t change to 8:00 lol. I don’t know that I could handle a 7:00 breakfast res!!

I made my ADRs before my resort reservation so I did them one day at a time (truthfully I enjoy making them that way). I got a 8:05 and an 8:10 ADR (in case one was changed to EMH)

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