How much earlier than your reservation time will they allow you into the park when it’s before RD?

No experience yet, from what I’ve read you’re allowed into the park around 7:45 a.m.

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I should add that my reservation is 8:55 on a day that the park opens at 9.

I would show up at 8:00 and go through the pre rope drop line.


Every pre RD I have done they have allowed us to enter as a large group around 7:45. I usually arrive to gate about 7:30am. I have had 8:05, 8:30, and 8:50 ADRs with 9am open. Always got in with the 7:45ish entry.


Thank you! That is exactly what I was hoping to hear!!

You might even be able to fit in an early 7DMT ride before checking into your 8:55 ADR. Line up with the people who have finished eating BOG at 8:40ish. You’ll be done by 9:00. I can’t imagine they would turn you away if you showed up a few minutes late, like at 9:05.


Oh love that idea!

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I don’t know if I can handle being late on purpose, lol, I would probably stress out over it and not enjoy the ride, lol. I’m still searching daily for an earlier breakfast reservation.

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Does anyone know when they allow you to park at, say, MK on a rope drop at 8am day?

Anyone know if you can get into MK around 7:45 if you have an 8:25 BOG breakfast? I ask only because I booked that thinking it was pre-ADR…then EMH was added to make park opening 8 instead of 9… @AuntB_luvsDisney care to weigh in? :smiley:

Sorry no personal experience. Me personally, I never dine during the first 1-2 hours of park opening. Those are the golden touring hours. I have heard others mention some early ADRs (but not pre RD) being allowed in a few minutes before the RD crowd. Maybe another liner can chime in.

See, I agree that the first couple of open park hours are great touring time! When I first snagged 8:25 BOG it was “supposed” to be 9am MK opening…grrrr. Lol. My kids really want BOG breakfast though, it was one of their specific requests. I guess if we are lucky enough to get in around 7:45-ish we can get one early 7DMT ride…and if not, if we pre-order food we’ll be done by 9 at least…

@PrincipalTinker @OBNurseNH Any input on how early I can get in for an 8:25 BOG w/ 8am park opening?

I don’t think they will let you in early. I had an 0900 on an 090open and we were held Til after welcome show

I was thinking about this last night. I think there were reports that they have let preRD people in first but I do not think they are consistent with that. I think it would depend on your priorities. Honestly if you were booking it for a 7DMT I think you could get a ride in before your ADR and the crowds will be spread out and lower at RD so not early an “empty” photo opportunity but as low as you can get during open hours.

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The kids really wanted a BOG breakfast (we’ve done lunch and dinner before but never breakfast), but we were really hoping for a pre-RD time to get an extra 7DMT w/ little - no wait. I wonder how quick the SB line will be at 8am…

I think you can do SB and then go to breakfast!

That’s what I think we’ll aim for…can’t imagine the SB line being so long right at 8am opening that we’d be late for BOG 8:25…if so,not more than a few minutes and they do have a grace period, right?

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Yes, you will be fine if you a few minutes late.