Pre/Post Dessert party or Seats N Treats at TT

Any thoughts? Standing better? Gamble for a good seat at TT? Hub grass has less obstruction?

Garden. Seats are off center and too likely to be obstructed

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There were no unobstructed seats at TT in September. It’s shockingly unorganized, given the fact that it’s not a new thing at all. Also, we were among the first in line, but they they wanted to seat us at the back even though there were plenty of tables for 2 people near the front.

When I complained about the lack of a premium view anywhere to go along with the premium price, they said “The obstructions are limited to the projections on the castle, and it’s advertised as a fireworks party.” They told me there was plenty of standing space in the garden if I wanted a better view. I had to drink more than a couple of proseccos to be less irritated about that.

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