Pre-Pay Gratuities

As it’s been 4 years since I’ve been on a Disney Cruise, can’t remember if you can pre-pay the gratuities or not.

Yes, you can prepay gratuities. We’ve earmarked that as part of the use of our “future cruise credit” surplus.

Isn’t that true for everyone at this point? :joy::sob:

(Were coming up on the one year anniversary of what was supposed to be my first ever cruise that will now likely not happen for several years.)

I’m feeling your pain so much today. My first ever cruise from May 2020 has been rescheduled twice and the last time I pushed it out OVER a year and just saw this today. :sob::sob:

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I originally had rescheduled my May 2020 cruise to May 2021, but then about 3 months ago I decided to cancel preemptively so I could feel more in control. Now we’re going to UOR for 3 days instead. Overall I’m kind of happy with the trade-off - more relaxed pace at the theme parks, a little less money spent, and a few more years to wait until my kids are ready for the full cruise experience (hopefully with no masks or distancing!).

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This is/was supposed to be our test cruise without kids to see if we thought they would like it. At this rate we’ll get to go when they are teenagers and don’t even want to come!

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