Pre-Park Opening BOG reservation + Early Morning Magic?

I have pre-park opening breakfast reservation at BOG (8:40) on the same day as a Early Morning Magic day. We aren’t going to get Early Morning Magic tickets. I made a Touring Plan on this site, and it tells me to go to the 7 Dwarves Mine Train BEFORE our dining reservation.

Can we really do that? It doesn’t really seem fair to the people who buy the EMM tickets.

No, without a band for EMM you cannot ride before regular park open. You can however arrive at MK by 7:45 and be let in with all the breakfast reservations (everyone with ADRs from 8-8:55am are let in the same time). Once done at BOG head towards 7D from the restaurant and there will be a line forming next to a CM. They will lead you through the standby line about 8:55 and you will be able to ride 7D one time before the rope drop crowds arrive. We just did this 10/24 which also had EMM.

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With a 8:40 res, you won’t be done with breakfast in time to get a good spot in line for 7DMT. You can’t do it before your res because of EMM, and you won’t be done eating until after RD.

Oooh! Good hint. Thank you for your answer :smile:

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Thanks for the answers! I will plan on eating early :slight_smile:
I was just confused as to why the Touring plan said I could go to 7D before RD even though I told it that I was not doing EMM. (I thought it might be some secret tip, but it appears to just be a glitch in the software.)

You are welcome!