Pre-Order BOG Question

I am about to pre-order our lunch for BOG. I am a little confused…at the top of the ordering page there is this note under “Have a Dining Plan?”:

If your Disney vacation package includes a dining plan, be sure to order one each of the following items for all Guests using the dining plan:
Non-Alchoholic Beverage
Souvenir cup not included.

It doesn’t say anything about a dessert. Do I go ahead and order my dessert or wait until I am there? I seem to remember them coming around a few years ago with a dessert cart we picked from.


It’s a QS so if you’re using the dining plan, no dessert is included, so that’s why they haven’t mentioned it. I’m not sure if you can pre order one or not.

You can order the dessert using a snack credit… I don’t know about paying for it otherwise without going through the long line that didn’t pre-order.