Pre-Order at BOG?

I tried to find the answer to this question but I just couldn’t find it. This December I am traveling with a group of 11 people. Of course I am the one making all the FPP and ADR’s . So here is the question,
I have a BOG ADR for breakfast for 11 people. Can each family order their own food thru their individual MDE account or do I have to place the order for everyone? If I do place the order for all do I have to pay for it all?

A good question for a Disney Rep. Go on-line and chat with a rep or call DTC. Chat is definitely faster. Also could call BOG direct. DocHopper

They will have to go through you and if you preorder there needs to be one form of payment when you go to BOG.

That’s kind of what PrincipleTinker, they are all family so I guess it wont be much of a problem, but I will take your advise DocHopper and try asking BOG direct. Thanks for the help

I know of no way to contact anyone at BoG or even Disney directly these days. Even when you call from a resort room calls have been going to a “call center” and the information is accurate at times (that is actually stretching the truth).

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