Pre MVMCP ideas if staying at POR

I am constantly changing our potential plan for this early Dec for prior to getting to MK around 3:30 to queue for the party. We will be traveling in on that day and have yet to purchase plane tickets but hope to arrive to our resort around 10am? So not a ton of time. We are currently set to stay at POR (this has changed numerous times as well). It will be DH (not huge WDW fan-gasp!), myself, and our three kids ages 14, 11, and 7. I would like for us to eat a good meal before the party so that we can plan on just snacking during party. Originally I had thought we would go to WL to eat at WPC and if time check out xmas decorations. Now I am wondering if if would be more relaxing to hang out at POR or POFQ and then take shuttle to MK. I think part of what DH did not enjoy on our last trip was rushing to fit it all in so maybe it would be better to enjoy one area. Another option is to take boat to DS and eat there but then we would need to shuttle to CR and walk over to MK. We do want to go to DS to do the Star Wars VR the Void so may have time to do that and eat before party. But if it is going to be rushed then I would rather wait and do that on our last day before heading over for our stay at UOR. So looking for thoughts on what might be most relaxing yet fun and also recommendations on where to eat at if your vote is POR area or DS. Thanks for considering!

So with travel plans yet not solid, I would choose the option involving the least amount of running around.

If you’re arriving around 10 at the resort, you’re expecting to land around 0800 which means no matter where you’re traveling from you’re starting out super early!

I would probably plan to boat over to DS, have a nice lunch - Homecomin would be quite filling and probably everyone could find something they’d love. Then I’d be in favor of boating back to POR and snagging a nap if the room was ready since it would be so early a start. I’d catch the bus to MK for the party right from POR.

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Thank you. I think that was the exact advice I needed. Nap time! I don’t ever think of putting that in to a plan because I want to keep going and see it all but that is what my family needs! Homecomin does sound good too.

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I would wait until you have airfare before deciding. There are plenty of good options throughout Disney property. I do second Homecoming. It’s a great meal. However, every time I go to DS I spend far more time there than I had intended… so I only venture over there when I am not terribly time-constrained.

We try NOT to travel super early, as we prefer to arrive rested, but there are times when we’ve had to (September was an 0600 fight!) and I know that we absolutely MUST nap if we are going to do any park time at all on a day like that. Generally we also try not to have park time on arrival day, enjoy the resort, a nice dinner, and get a good night’s sleep to hit it hard the next day. But we have done the party on arrival day (same 0600 day!) and the nap after lunch was just what we needed.

I tend to agree. So a plan like this would require some discipline - boat, eat, boat. And plan to do the other DS that are mentioned on another day

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Thanks for the sound advice. I’m thinking visit DS and Homecoming on our last day would be best so we can fit in the Void. I think I am focusing so much on our plan so early because we have such a short time. If there is something we really want to visit and a different location would make it easier then maybe I would change our resort. When I have considered “splurging” however the options are limited for our family of five (deluxe villas where kids would not have real beds or 2 bedrooms not available and probably out of price range). I wish standard rooms at AKL fit 5!
Anyway, POR seems to fit the bill and we are getting a good MVT rate but not sure of pre party. Looks like there maybe good food options right on property? Maybe we should check out resort, rest, then shuttle to MK?
We could get delux villa through DVC for AKL but would be twice the price. Great food options though!
Or Boulder creek delux villa. But if POR gets good recommendations I would be happy to stay there.

I have never eaten at POR but I have heard good things. I would vote to explore the resort, rest, eat on property and then head to MK. I’m also told you can use the pools at POFQ, and their food court is just a stone’s throw away. The food court at POFQ looks really good.

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