Pre-Early Entry Rope Drop Journey of Water for resort guests

We were able to walk through Moana’s Journey of Water at EPCOT during Early Entry pre-RD with no crowds today. We arrived on the monorail at 8:00 for an 8:30 early open. After resort guests go through the tap stiles, they are funneled to a holding area in front of the Seas and the Land. The Journey of Water is inside this holding area. We were able to play with all the interactive water features and take pictures with no lines or crowds. We didn’t rush, and we were still able to join the crowd at the rope 5-10 minutes before RD. We weren’t at the front, but we were on the second flight at Soarin’.


This is awesome

I wonder if it is planned to be this way every day, or if you got lucky?

Do you think the the other guests in the holding area not realize they could go to this attraction while waiting? Or were they not interested?

VQ has been selling out for this daily and if this is a persistent daily way to see this attraction it would be awesome!


Yesterday (10/20) around 3:30 we walked right in with no VQ needed. There were crowds but not any more than when I went the week before with a VQ :woman_shrugging:


When I was there it was VQ all day until 7:00ish and then it was standby/walk on.

The EE option is still fantastic!


I heard but didn’t verify that after park open when crowds picked up, they were moving people through at a fairly quick pace and not letting them spend much time playing.