Pre Disney trip gifts for family

We are visiting in April next year and are already getting excited.
(180 days was this week so having lots of fun).
I had planned to get my family a magic band each to wrap up for Christmas… But Disney don’t post them to the UK! :frowning:

So any suggestions for Disney WORLD related gifts rather than just Disney stuff.

Magic bands - i know amazon and ebay have bands for sale or maybe myself or another liner can buy and send to you

Other thoughts - pins and lanyards, disney dollars or gift cards, ears or other hats, sliders and such for your magic bands. Autograph books or something for autographs

A set of coupons for souvenirs like a t shirt a plush a coffee mug

Frogg togs for hot days, a bag to carry park essentials in. A waterproof camera for water park and pool side fun.

A set of family shirts for touring like from etsy, liner pins fron zazzle.

Maybe a guide book, there are some books that have it so you write in tour travels ao it becomes a travel journal. Maybe passporters.


Autograph book is a good one!

Frogg togs??
Liner pins??

Hmm more research :smile:

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My kids are getting the guide to the magic book. It’s a little pricey but gets good reviews.

Mouse ear headbands for girls or hats. Tshirts. Autography book is a good one.

Hmm can you give more detail? :smile:

Amazon search for ‘guide to the magic’ gives me 20 results for how to be a Wiccan slightly more for how to play Magic the gathering.

If I add Disney to the search I get a lot of ‘The hidden magic of Disney’ results.


This suggestion is a little pricey but could be given as a group gift.

WDW Magazine offers a beautiful coffee table size book called the The Best of WDW-Volume 1 that has beautiful photos of the all the parks. I purchased in August for my granddaughter and I am over the hill and I got excited just looking at it. The price is 34.95 then they add shipping. They have plans to publish Volume 2 that will consists of photos of the resorts that I plan on purchasing also. This would definitely build the excitement.
Try this. I think it’s easier to order through their sight although I thought I saw it on Amazon. Not any cheaper though and it looks like a sale is on now so I might be ordering it now too.

Site not sight. Oy autocorrect gets me every time. Lol

Frogg Togg

Liner Pins - we are liners as a group and as an individual - so for you at least:

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Book on hidden Mickeys:®s-Secrets/dp/1937011291/ref=pd_sim_14_5?ie=UTF8&dpID=51%2BI68RQdNL&dpSrc=sims&preST=AC_UL160_SR160%2C160&refRID=0V0YBE8CRCKYY9ATMKB7

Create a countdown, and set activities like movie nights to get ready to see the rides and tie ins in the parks.

We purchased the Junior Encyclopedia of Disney Characters for our 2 kids as gifts to tell them about Disney.

Hidden Mickey books are fun too.

Countdowns are fun. You can create a paper chain and tear off a link for each day and add special fun things to it as well.

WOW thanks everyone!

Guide to the magic looks a definite for my wife and child(he is only 4 so mum can help) maybe autograph book as well.

i am going to have to get a frogg togg and test it! sounds like witchcraft to me.

we already have hidden magic.

a few of the ideas seem harder/more expensive to manage to get in the UK which is annoying(but expected)

oh and the WDW magazine do a calendar which is something else i could get.

Like I said I may be willing to help you get stuff

Thanks for that really nice of you , I’ll drop you a note if i get stuck with anything :smile:

if you have a little girl, costumes from amazon. The ones at Disney are very pricey. for little kids, Disney stickers and other things they can do on the plane. I don’t know anything about stores in the UK, but here you can get lots of Disney stuff in the dollar bin at Target.

Just a word to the wise, if you or your partner are reading a guidebook aloud to your kid, sometimes the guidebooks go into detail about face versus fur characters, how the Tree of Life was built, how the ghosts project in the Haunted Mansion, and other blasphemy. :wink:

I started to read a guidebook aloud to my kids at night, and had to abandon pretty quickly, and get them something else.

Good luck - there are lots of fun ideas here.

Hi, I didn’t find any response about Liner Pins. Zazzle has some different styles. I got one for DW that is generic: I Wait Less With Lines. They also have ones that you can customize with your Liner ID name.
You can do some custom color choices too. The price is right, $3.15 each. Not sure what shipping would be to UK, but it was about $6 for the two pins here. Enjoy your planning.

I did have a link to one further up in the posts. :wink:

OOPS…didn’t see the fine print at the bottom… :sunglasses:

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