Pre-Book 3 FPP at MK on MVMCP Days or Pre-Book 3 FPP at Hop-to-Epcot?

Hello! We are traveling for an 8-park-days family trip the week after Thanksgiving. (Last visit Nov2014) We are planning am visits to MK on MVMCP days. Both mornings will be rope drops followed by afternoon rest into late afternoon travel to Epcot for the night.

Question: Do we pre-book 3 FPP at MK for our MK visit or do we take advantage of MK’s low crowd and RD to then pre-book 3 FPP at Epcot?

Question part II: IF you suggest 3 FPP at Epcot, which Tier II attractions would you book? (w/ DW, DS12, DD10, DS8, DF-I-L)

Thanks for your input!

Do this!

At EP I like to FP TT or FEA depending on your family preferences. If willing to do single rider and FEA fans then FP FEA. If not FEA fans FP TT. Tier 2 we like MS and SE.

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I would probably book FPP for one morning at MK. If your crowds like 7DMT, that line is still pretty long. I would book 3 FPP for MK and as soon as you are done, pick late FPP for Epcot. You should have no problems getting Soarin (which I think the whole family would enjoy).

The second one, I would pick Epcot FPP. Test Track is one of my favorite ride, but I would check with the rest of the family what they would prefer. FEA is much harder to get a FPP for.

TT always has single rider. If your family is comfortable splitting, that could work.