Practicing with MDE

Is there a way to practice making FastPass+ reservations ahead of my FP+ date? I don’t want to fumble my way through it on the day of when it sounds like every second counts!

Unfortunately no. Best you can do is watch YouTube.

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I just found out recently you can’t do that anymore with the new date restricted tickets. You can with AP or similar. It’s annoying. I know what I’m doing, but still like to know exactly where to click come FPP morning, especially as app has been updated since last trip. I think recent YouTube tutorials are the next best option for a refresher before booking. Good luck!

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Thanks - I’m watching Touring Plans’ YouTube tutorial now. When you select the people in your party, will a child under 3 show up even though they can’t have a park ticket? I’ll be there with my husband and a 4 yo and a 2 yo. Will MDE show us as a party of 3 or 4?

This feels a bit ridiculous but if you are buying tickets for lets say UT, could you buy them for an earlier date so you can practice, and then before they are good, move them to the dates of your trip? I will say doing this would feel risky, but I feel like it would work.

You don’t ever need a FPP for a child under 3. If they are tall enough to ride, they just go with an adult who has a FPP.

If a recall the child will show up but DO NOT select them when you book b/c it will say no ticket linked.

This. They WILL show up for everything (and you need to include them for dining reservations), but if you select them, when you get to the final booking stage, they’ll give you an error because that kid doesn’t have a ticket and isn’t entitled to fast passes. They will, however, be let on to any ride that doesn’t have height restrictions via the FP lane with an adult who has a booked FP.

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