Practicing for ADR Day Question

Thank you everyone in advance. I’m sure this has been answered many times but I couldn’t find this exact question, tho I’m sure it is out there.

This coming Friday (June 14) is our ADR Day and we have our hotel and tickets for 6 nites all reserved.

I know everyone says that you can reserve dining beginning the 180th day from your first day of your reservation PLUS the length of your stay.

Question: once we do log in on our actual ADR day, will the date picker on the MDE Dining Resv website allow you to pick days for 180 PLUS your length of stay?

As of now (in practice mode) the latest day available is the only the 180 day in the future.

Yup! I just had my ADR day this past week. I was able to make ADRs for my full stay (12 days), minus any dining packages, which won’t be up for a while. For any non-package ADRs, you can do it in the app, which I found to be easier than the website, since you swipe through the months rather than click on a tiny arrow in the corner to move months.

If you’re staying 12 nights or longer, you won’t be able to do them all at 180. You’ll do arrival day plus 10 days, then the rest open 1 day at a time.

Though I could only do my initial ones on the website because the dates wouldn’t open on the app, on the next few days the website only showed me exactly 180 (it wouldn’t even show dates I’d already booked for) and I had to do the rest on the app, which had miraculously started working.

So be prepared to try a few devices if necessary. Clearing your cookies and using a private browser will help.


Thanks for the replies!

I liked many of the tips included in this YT video

Particularly the tip (at 5m 40s) to use Google Docs to have your URL links at the ready.