Practicality of using an air mattress at POP

Staying at POP myself, DH and DD’s 7 & 10. After spending this past weekend at a hotel I’ve come to realize that if we want to get any decent sleep the girls can NOT share a bed. Would it be possible to ship a package to the resort with an air mattress and pump in it? I thought maybe they could take turns sleeping on the bed. Is this a good idea as I know the rooms are small. Has anyone done this before?

We will be bringing a twin size mattress and will put it where the tables and chairs are which will be moved to the sink area for the night. You can ship it to the hotel.

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We did it many times. Move the table & chairs & put the blow up mattress there. Easy peasy


Did u deflate the mattress every morning?

We used a twin air mattress at POP. Just slide the table and chairs down or move them to the other side of the dresser. We just left it on the floor but we are not in our room much. You could always just put it on its side to take up less room if you need space during the day.

No. We just leaned it on it’s side against the wall so it wouldn’t be in the mousekeeper’s way.

This is the air mattress that we got for our last stay. My kids also cannot share a bed, I completely understand. You need to purchase a pump for this one separately, but what I like about it is the size - smaller than a regular twin and much easier to squeeze into small hotel rooms. It used to be available with Prime, but now has a large shipping cost, so I would try to find it elsewhere.

As for shipping it to the hotel, this fit easily in our suitcase and did a twin air mattress the year before. I wouldn’t take the chance that it won’t arrive on time or that it might arrive damaged. When I got it, I blew it up at home to make sure that it held air.

We use this one. Have had it for 3 years with no problems. Intex Pillow Rest Twin