PPOP ADR at BOG for 8:55

I’ve read that if you have PPO ADR you can enter the park at 745 regardless the time of the reservation and hope they seat you earlier.
Would this apply to a reservation at 8:55, just 5 minutes before the park opens? I wouldn’t mind trying to catch 7DMT before park opening.

Also, my wife is pregnant and won’t be able to ride, so can she wait in the restaurant while I see if I can get on the ride, and wait for me to come back? Will I be able to get back in?

Yes it will. I can’t answer your second question, I’m sure she’ll be allowed to sit and wait but I’m not sure if you’ll be let back in.

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If they don’t let you back in, would she be mad about eating alone? As long as 1 person shows up to your ADR, they consider it upheld, so you could always get in line with the rest of the PPO people and let her eat.

That said, my first choice would definitely be arriving at 745 and hoping they seat you earlier. I’ve heard they seat PPO in the order of arrival but YMMV.

I was actually hoping to eat first–with her. Then I can leave a bit earlier but come back, assuming I can get an early table.
Otherwise it may actually be a great idea to have her check-in to the restaurant at our arrival time which is a pretty good time to join the line and be back in time for breakfast.

I’m really just spitballing ideas. I want to do as many rides as I can, but since she can’t go on thrill rides that I would like I don’t want to be on line too long while she’s waiting.

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You both check in, eat and then you leave to do your ride(s) while she waits in comfort. When you are done riding, you text her and the two of you meet at your next step on your plan.
My husband and I do this kind of thing all the time because I don’t do thrill rides. I’m quite an expert on places to sit and have a cool drink while people watching. :grin: