PPO Tusker House


We have a PPO reservation at Tusker House for our group of 10 (6 adults and 4 kids). Our reservation is at 8:10 but I intend to get there early and hopefully they will let us in at 8?!
I am wondering how long I should allow for our breakfast and to meet the characters for our touring plan purposes. I want to enjoy it and not feel rushed.

We have a 9:35 FPP for FOP and I was hoping to get to Pandora not long after 9am to experience Navi before lines get too long.

We were a group of 7; 5 adults, a 3 year old and ax13 month old. We had a 9:55 a.m. reservation. Our server did an incredible job of giving us a heads up about 5 minutes before a character was coming so we never missed a character. As I remember, we were there for about 60 minutes from being seated to leaving. I did not feel rushed at all.

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This one usually takes 90 minutes for us but you may be A little quicker with that earlier res, provided you are seated right away, which we haven’t done for a long time. you’ll have no trouble getting into the park at 8am for an 8:10. I’d even encourage you to arrive earlier, by 7:30 especially if you want to get ahead of things.

Re: Na’vi, it doesn’t build as quickly as FOP but it does build. You don’t share your dates so I just picked a random day without morning extra magic hours during a Jon holiday period. It reaches about 45 minutes within the first hour. So if breakfast goes quickly - and please don’t rush this one!! - you should do ok. But I would be prepared to wait in the 45min range just the same You can use this link and select your dates on the far left of the page to see predictions specific to your visit.


We did lunch at it took awhile - about 1 h 15. We were finished eating but had to wait for Daisy. You might be cutting it close with Navi.

Your window opens at 9:35? You should have plenty of time it will just be watching how long the line is. You could wait for an hour (of course that would be crazy!)

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Thank you all for your responses… It was very helpful!
@PrincipalTinker yes it opens at 9:35. Do you mean watch the FPP line and that we could wait an hour in it?

No, I mean you can enter that line anytime between 9:35-10:35. You have plenty of time to get to Navi, although you should watch that line. A 20-30 minute line might be “worth waiting”. An hour wait time for Navi should be skipped (even if you have enough time).


@PrincipalTinker thank you!! I follow now :slight_smile: