PPO Resort Breakfasts

I’m trying to nail down my limited ADRs for booking this weekend. With the new, shorted hours for fall I’m thinking that we could swing a PPO breakfast at one of the monorail resorts on our MK day. It looks like I can get Grand Floridian Cafe, the Wave or Chef Mickey’s at 7:35.

DH and I prefer GFC the most, but the theming would be lost on DS4. However, it would be a quick pop onto the monorail to get to MK after and DS LOVES the monorail.

Wave/CMs we could just walk to MK which would save some time and we could probably take the monorail back just to ride on it. Wave menu looks better, but I’m thinking CMs would be faster? I am a teeny bit hesitant because DS will remember last time with the characters, but he’s fairly easy going so we should be able to just say they are still in the kitchen cooking or something. And we could potentially watch the monorail come and go.

Any advice? How is the monorail in the mornings currently? Thanks!

We did both the Wave and GF on our last trips. I loved the Wave and they were super fast (was only two of us) but they knew we were wanting to get to MK so it wasn’t an issue. GF was more leisurely but no boats were running to MK and no monorail (this was several weeks ago so I think that has changed).
I would opt for The Wave for the easy walk to MK. But no experience with CM, so can’t help there!

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we used the monorail around midday w/o any issues (from the MK parking lot to MK)

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We have eaten breakfast at the Wave several times, the most recent of which was just over a week ago. It’s delicious, fairly fast, and then we walk over to MK.

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We had breakfast at GFC on our MK day. The food was fabulous and it was easy monorail ride over to MK. Despite that The Wave would probably be quicker.

@Wahoohokie and @Dreamer. These are both on my plan for December. Haven’t eaten at GFC in many years. Ate at The Wave in 2019. Loved it, loved the buffet.