I have PPO reservations for BOG and for GG. YEAH The BOG are on days with EMM so no chance in them changing hours or anything. Again yeah! I was wondering in general, would these two PPO’s be a bigger advantage or would it be better to rearrange our park days to when there are EMH in the morning on those parks?
We will be in the parks July 27 to Aug 2.

Would you rope drop the EMH days?

PPO effectively gets you to the front of the RD pack so PPO on a non-EMH day is not as effective as RD on an EMH day because the EMH RD will give you another 55 minutes of very low crowds.

Thanks, I may need to move some days around. Even though I am so proud of my PPO ADRs.

You could always do both. :wink: I should of course mention that PPO takes very little effort and you can just roll up, eat, and then head wherever you want at a leisurely pace. EMH RD takes some effort as you’ll probably want to stand around in the crowd before the park opens and then briskly walk wherever you’re going.


I am sure this will make people mad, but I use both my mom’s DME account to book ADR so we have lots of options until I nail down our final plans at which time I will be canceling the ones we aren’t going to use.

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::angry::rage: lol just kidding :grin::rofl::smiley:


Don’t forget that if you’re within the 24 hr. cancellation window, you can bump and run to avoid the penalty (modify the reservation to a different time in the future, then cancel it).

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Good tips!

Ok I know this is sneaky and I will probably not do this because I love breakfast, however my son does not. If I have say 8:55 reservations for GG Soarin’ would it be possible to get through the front gates with said reservations at like 8, then go in and modify the reservation once in the park to a later day then possibly cancel it saving the DP TS credit? Like I said this is all hypothetical. I have no intentions of getting into EP just to sit first in line for soarin an hour early, that time would be better spent in bed. My son really doesn’t like to eat early, but I will probably make him sit through the meal with the family. Plus I could just modify my reservation for a smaller number… but in theory does anyone know if that works?

I assume you are talking about Garden Grill since you’re mentioning Soarin. Everyone who sits at the table will have to pay for the breakfast - whether he eats or not. If your ADR is at 8:55, you will be allowed to enter with the pre-park dining group - @ MK it is 7:45am. May be the same at EP.

Rearranging parks this late in the game when you already have ADRs set up is a huge pain. How about getting the EMM? It’s sooo much fun. More expensive than BOG, but soo much fun and has a huge advantage for park touring.

Yes thank you. GG
So if we have GG reservations for 8:55 are allowed past the main entrance at 8:00 and the entire group decides they do not want to eat. Could we modify the reservation at that point?
Like I said, I do not think I would do this. I am looking forward to the breakfast at GG and would hate an hour in the parks with nothing to do, just wondering if it was possible.

I have never cancelled a PPO ADR so I have no first hand experience. In theory, yes - it’s just like every other ADR.

Yes. This absolutely works. Backside of Magic has done this and widely reported it.

Edit: It’s a great chance to get good pictures or just to wander around and enjoy the sights. There are some paths that are blocked (you’re not going to be able to get all the way into world showcase, for instance) but you can enjoy being in the park and get PPO advantage without actually paying for a PPO breakfast. Also be aware that you have to modify at least 20 minutes before your reservation comes up, so you’ll want to be in the park by 8:15 at the latest for an 8:55 ADR (because wifi is sometimes unreliable).

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But in HS you can’t get to TSL early can you?
With PPO at HWV, I assume you can only get to that RD