PPO options at Epcot

What are my dining options to try to score a PPO reservation for Epcot? If there are multiple options, are any better to try to RD Soarin’?

Garden Grill and Akershus. GG will get you on and off Soarin before RD.

Garden Grill and Akershus
Garden Grill if you are trying to RD Soarin, Akershus to RD FEA.

That was quick! Thank you both for the feedback. Any thoughts on how early to leave Art of Animation to make an 8:05 reservation? We’d be taking the skyliner.

When we were there the skyliner was starting around 7:30, which was cutting it a little close, so we opted for Minnie Vans, but that was a few months ago, so hopefully they are a little more reliable now.

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I don’t think Skyliner is a good choice for pre RD. Uber or Lyft - buses would normally get you there in plenty of time but I’m not sure about Skyliner resorts these days.

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When we go to PPO meals, we take the bus. We get to the bus stop by around 6:30am and never have a problem getting there in time. We have done GG to ride Soarin and are doing it again in May.

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Sweet. Thank you. I’m strongly averse to paying extra for transportation when staying on WDW property- that’s one of the perks, after all! So it’s good to know i’ll be able to rely on the bus if skyliner doesn’t look like it will get there in good time.

We are adverse to that as well. The bus system rarely has caused an issue when trying to get to a park.

Wasn’t Boulangerie in France also open PPO with tasty quick stuff? You know, to serve the International Gateway folks. Is this no longer true?

I don’t think it’s open pre RD. it does open at 9.

Good to know, gracias amiga!!

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Two things:

1- Any PPO GG ADR will be advantageous. They will seat you at 8:00 even if your ADR is later. We love this breakfast. Great character interactions that early. They often come around twice or more. And kids love seeing the rotating scenery. If motion doesn’t bother you ask for a lower level booth.

2-Check HS opening time that day. In November (before RotR) we wanted to get to HS for RD at 9. Epcot was opening at 8 so Skyliner was running at 7. Took Skyliner form POP to HS in under 15 minutes Room to Tapstiles. So, if HS is opening at 8 on the day of your GG PPO you might be able to take advantage of Skyliner after all.