PPO monorail to Epcot

We have a PPO reservation at garden grill. We are staying at the contemporary. I’m thinking the Epcot monorail will not be running in time for us if we wanted to leave the contemporary at 7:15? Epcot doesn’t open till 9. Should we just head straight to bus stop?

We rode the monorail from TTC at 0730 to our PPO Epcot breakfast. Not sure if the line runs from CR to TTC that early

There isn’t a bus from Contemporary to Epcot.

I did a tour on New Year’s Day at Epcot, 9am opening, and 8am tour.

We went to the monorail at 7am and were told that if the Epcot line wasn’t running, there would be buses from the TTC. Got to the TTC and they were doing the final checks on the Epcot line. We chose to get on, along with one other couple. Everyone else went to the buses. The monorail probably started @7:20.

We beat them to the park, and thus were the first to ride the Epcot monorail of 2017.