PPO Breakfast - GG versus akershus?

I currently have 8:10am reservations (9am park opening) at both GG and Akershus and I’m wondering which one to keep?

I’ll be there with my wife and three little one’s (including two daughters), so riding Frozen is a must but beating the crowds to Soarin sounds like a good option as well. Do the crowds build up slower at Frozen versus Soarin after rope drop or is it relatively similar?

We’ll end up eating dinner later that day at which ever restaurant we skip for breakfast.

I’d say the crowds generally build slightly slower at FEA because it’s a longer walk, and because there’s not much else to do in WS at 9am other than meet Anna and Elsa so you have to come back to Future World afterwards.

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I’ve done PPO Akershus, and it is a good way to hit FEA and meet Anna & Elsa. But, if it isn’t a horribly crowded day, you can do GG then RD Soarin and still have time to do something else before heading to FEA. I would try to get to FEA by 10.


We did an 8 am GG and were the very first ones on Soarin’ which was awesome because we got to sit in row B1 with only one other family, then we walked on Livin with the Land and met Baymax and Joy/Sadness with short waits. Plus the cinnamon roll was delicious. We had Akershus for dinner and the food was pretty good.