PPO BOG followed by 7DMT and PPF question

Looking for real-world experiences: I have a PPO BOG ADR for 8:10. We plan to eat quickly and head straight to 7DMT to get in line then ride PPF next. For those who have done this, what time did you get to PPF, and what was the wait like? I can’t seem to get TP to calculate this correctly for me - it has me arriving at PPF at 9:30, and I can’t imagine it would take that long. I actually have an afternoon FP for PPF, and I really want to drop it for something else earlier (like HM maybe). Is this a good idea? This will be Thursday, May 30 - MK is listed as a 7, and it is a non-EMM day.

Thanks in advance!

My experience in February was that I was inside the queue , but outside the loading area, when I could see the CMs walking the crowd to 7DMT. I could have made it to PP by 9:10. Other times in the past I have been walking towards PP when the crowd arrived.

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It depends on whether it’s an early morning magic day, then you won’t get to ride until after 9a, and even then, if there are operating difficulties, that could slow the open.

You don’t have to wait until 0810 to check in, if you head straight back and have pre-ordered, you can likely be in line 20 minutes or more early, which should get you on and off the ride before 9a, assuming no technical problems, which should get you to PP before 0910

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We had your exact situation in Feb. we arrived to :dart:BOG at 7:55 for our 8:10. Sat by 8:05 and out by 8:30. Used online ordering.

We were probably #20 in line for 7dmt. I had been told they opened the line and had everyone walking to the loading are before 9:00, but in our case we stayed lined up outside the entrance untill exactly 9:00. We were off by 9:10 and at PPF by 9:15 ish. I want to say our wait was 25min.


I’ve seen it happen this way too. There is a possibility they start running 7D before 9, because people report it that way, but both times I’ve experience this, the line was held until exactly 9AM.

One time I saw it when I myself went to PPF. Another time, I experience it firsthand but did not go to PPF right after as it was closed for refurb.

As for the TP, it can’t accurately predict what will happen - so what it is saying is the worst case. On the app, you can set your location - so you may shave a couple minutes by telling it to start you in FL. I would just leave it though and then reevaluate it once you get off of 7D.

As for the FPP, I would choose based on priority. If PPF is a priority, keep it. If you get the ride in the morning with the timing you want, modify to something else. Depending on your party size and the CL that day, you would likely be able to pick up HM.

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We were there 4/30 I think it was a crowd level 3 , had a 8:10 breakfast res at BOG, and we out and on line for 7dMT at 8:35. We also preordered our food which saved time. We were on the first mine train of the day and off by a couple minutes after 9. We headed right for haunted mansion after that and passed ppf around 9:05 as we had a fast pass for it later on. It didn’t look like there was much of a line at all , sorry I can’t remember the posted wait time.

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We went in March did PPO BOG on a EMM day. Arrived at MK at 7:50 for an 8:10 reservation, preordered food, in line for 7DMT at 8:45, ride started at 9 for non EMM folks, off by 9:10, did Little Mermaid and IASW then used FP for PPF. Didn’t look at the standby line but PPF always seems to have a line. Had FP for BTMR and Splash then got FP for HM, JC, and SM using the modify trick…worked great for us!

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Sorry…I couldn’t get the TP to work right with PPO BOG either so I just did 8:05 reservation and allowed 30 minutes and that seemed to do the trick. Times were pretty accurate for us.

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