PPO BOG - benefits?

I went in 2016 and got a PPO BOG. It was great! I got to get in line for a couple of rides before the crowds hit. I also enjoyed being able to take some pictures without the sea of people.

Are there still benefits of getting a PPO? MK is scheduled to open at 9 (I know it can change). My ADR is at 8:05. What time will they let me in the park?

Thank you for all your help.

I believe they let you in at 745.

From other threads, it appears they hold you in a line until castle show goes, then releases you to 7D. Able to get in a ride prior to Rd crowd, but days of multiple rides seems to be over.


There is still an advantage but it depends on the day. All PPO reservations go in first around 7:45 to Main Street. Once done with breakfast here is when the situation changes. If there are EMM or EMH you can line up for a ride but will not be able to ride until the 9:00 opening. If there are no events then it is possible to ride 7DMT once or twice before the RD crowd gets there because they may open the ride around 8:45-8:55. We had success in January and were able to get 3 rides before the RD crowd arrived. We made sure to preorder BOG breakfast and be out lined up for 7DMT by 8:40.


The above is what I have experienced. I have been there on a day with multiple rides and with only one shot before the crowd. You absolutely must order in advance at get to the park before 8AM to get in ahead of the Main Street crowds.

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This is correct. Make sure you mobile order.

Just to clarify, BOG does not use mobile order. It is pre-ordering, a different system.

Correct. Thanks for clarifying.

I couldn’t figure out how to do the pre-ordering. After the fact, someone told me it was via an email link they send you? If so, I never got the email. Possibly because they send it out in advance and we booked just a few days ahead via reservation finder? Luckily, we were planning for a leisurely breakfast anyway (last day) so it wasn’t a big deal.

You can’t do it on the app - in MDE on the website if you look at the reservation for BOG you’ll see a link.

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Thank you all so much. I will plan on pre-ordering, getting there by 7:45, and keeping my fingers crossed.

They let you in at ~7:45. I’ve had it be as late as 7:55 when things weren’t ready to go for opening yet. My last expereince in November, they held everyone back until 9. We still got to SDMT before the rope drop crowd because we were a lot closer than they were, but by the time I got off the ride, the standby wait was 40 minutes.


You’ll be able to get in a little before 8.

It’s worth it for empty Fantasyland which offers amazing photos.

And to get in line for 7D early on to minimize open park time waiting. I was 10th in line and even with a delayed opening was on (and off) in far less time than I would have been if we had done regular standby


Is 8:45 am too late to be a useful PPO BOG time? What time would they let us in? I am trying to get earlier via res finder but want to know what my current options are. Thanks.

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They will let you in at 7.45 with al the other ore RD ADRs. And usually they seat in order of arrival. There are occasional reports of people being told to come back closer to the right time.

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Thanks. You have just made my day! Also, I LOVED your trip report.


I just saw reports on chat of a day when they were more strict in time. So definitely use the res finder to try for something earlier - you could even break the group up if it is a big group. You choose your own seating time.

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We did it last week… into main area 7:45, line up at BOG, preorders get a faster line, in at 8 AM. Preorders get food faster and get out faster. You can then line up for 7DMT… they didn’t start it till exactly at 9 AM both days we did it, so we only got one ride in. :frowning: After that the line was 45 minutes long. 2nd day we jogged to BTMRR after our initial 7DMT, and the line was about (EDIT) 18 minutes by the time we got there… maybe (EDIT) 9:09? It was a CL 10 day for both days though. EDIT: Pretty sure it was closer to 9:09 AM by the time we got over to BTMRR. It takes longer than it should to run through the line to get to the doors to jump on 7DMT… then it seems like it takes them several more practice runs before the let the first group board. On the day we did BTMRR, that whole side of the park was less crowded in the AM.


Oh thank you!

We definitely will pre order and we are only a party of 2 and I do have the res finder request so hopefully all of that will work out. We aren’t trying for 7D as my knees aren’t up to it but we do want to maximize our in park time.

I don’t intend to scoff my breakfast down :woozy_face:, but can you leave BOG and queue for 7DMT as soon as you’re finished/ready? We have an 8:05 & could be ready to queue not long after.