PPO ADR Tusker House - Question

We have an 8:25 reservation at Tusker House for a 9am opening on 5/7 and I have a couple of questions:

  1. What’s the likelihood we’ll be seated early if we arrive at 8:00? From what I’ve been reading, it doesn’t seem to be like BOG where you sit and are served when you arrive (I guess that’s because of the difference between TS and QS?) so I definitely won’t bank on it.

  2. We’re staying at AKL, so should we be ok just relying on the bus to get us there for our reservation? For our other PPO reservations (CRT and BOG), I think I’ve decided we’ll take an uber to alleviate the potential stress of waiting for an early MK bus.

Thanks all!

We have been seated about 10 min early there for pre RD ADR, but I don’t think much more that that. However, how long it takes you is really up to you bc it is a buffet. If you tell your server when you sit down they will probably tell you just to go get food. It may make you not see all the characters if you are in a big hurry, just depends on their rotation.