PPO ADR and Extra Magic Hours

If I have a PPO ADR and we are finished eating before park opening - can we still go into the lands if there is extra magic hours for resort guests? (we are not resort guests).

For example: Breakfast is at 7am. Park opens to non resort guests at 9am. We finish eating at 8am?? EMH begin at 6am.


Depends where it is. If for instance it was at Crystal Palace, you’d be held on Main St. But I assume it’s at Hollywood and Vine? I don’t know about that.

So do they check again at the lands? Or scan bands for resort guests in the lands?

I would definitely count on them scanning your bands at the rides if nothing else. If you are not entitled to EMH, you will not be able to ride anything. Take your time at breakfast and enjoy it.

For morning EMH at MK, they scan your magic band to allow you to enter fantasy or tomorrow land from the hub, but that’s it. I’ve never seen any bands scanned for rides during morning EMH at any park. I’ve only seen that for evening EMH.

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I’ve never seen this happen at any parks for morning EMH

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I understand that I’m not entitled to it. We are trying to coordinate with friends who planned to attend emh and where/when we could officially meet that morning.

As @heidelj says, at MK they scan bands to enter the lands.

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