PP, Splash, BTMRR - which for our last FP+?

I"ve put down a FP+ for PP and planning to do Splash & BTMRR at RD, but have space for one more FP+ at MK. We’ve done all 3 rides before at different parks and love them all, but I just can’t decide which we should get for our last FP. My family’s no help as they all say they don’t care. It’s not a big deal but tell me your thoughts on these rides. What would you do?

Depends on ages of kids. But if I were to pick between those, I’d pick BTMRR. I enjoy Splash Mountain, but if I only had to pick one of those, BTMRR would win every time for me and my family.

BTMRR is my favourite ride in MK, but I think we’d pick Splash because that’s my husband’s and daughter’s favourite so I’m outnumbered!

BTMRR - we all love that ride (dd8, ds4)
i also wouldn’t RD Splash b/c I don’t want to be wet all day, I always save it for the last ride.

Our family loves Seven Dwarfs Mine Train…we can ride that ALL the time!
BTMRR is good too.