Potty training/pool

DD1 (almost 2) is in the midst of potty training. She is completely poop trained but we are still working on pee. If she is trained (we leave in 1 month) I will probably still keep her in diapers/pull ups anyway just to be safe since she's so young. Will I have a problem bringing her in the pool (no swim diaper)? Just thinking maybe people will complain or staff might notice the diaper outside of the pool and think I'm trying to get around the rule.

To be blunt, yes, people might complain. To be blunter, I would. The rule is the kids need to be potty trained. Not half-potty trained. If there's a chance the kid's going to pee in the pool, she should be in swim diapers. Sorry, I know that's not the answer you were hoping for. frowning

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What'd great about DCL versus other cruise lines is that there are splash options for non-potty-trained kids on almost all of the ships (the exception being the Wonder). Not only does this mean that you won't have to try and squeak around the rules, possibly leading to embarrassment for yourself and your daughter, but the option exists to have more fun.

When my daughter was 2, she didn't miss not going in the pool at all because of the splash areas. They are really awesome, and I think that's what your daughter will enjoy more anyhow.

No worries for the bluntness and maybe I wasn't clear. I would only take her in if she is potty trained, I'm not trying to skirt the rules. The ship doesn't allow swim diapers (they don't keep pee in either though by the way). I just thought I might feel more comfortable keeping a pull up/diaper on her while walking around the ship (just in case) since she would just have been trained. I would not try and take her in there if I thought that was likely though.

*an accident was likely. When I brought my older daughter on the ship people seemed to not believe she was potty trained (2, no pull-ups etc), I guess it's just not that common anymore to see them potty trained so young?? Or maybe just a lot of people try to get around the rules?

Yes, a lot of folks try to skirt the rules. They figure who is going to know if there is a little leakage or a whoospie then the entire pool needs to be shut down and sanitized.

Why doesn't the ship allow swim diapers, I wonder?

I think they don't allow them because there is too much chance of fecal contamination in the pool, which could lead to widespread Norovirus etc (Just a guess). Urine is not the problem because (while gross) 1)its sterile and 2)let's face it, there are probably a lot of 3 and 4 year olds peeing in there.

Or 34 year olds wink


Yikes maybe I'll just wait for an excursion and swim in the sea!

Yeah, ahem, no poop at ALL in there... smile

My BIL owns a pool supply store and services the local public pools. Many parents expect pools designed for small children are equipped to handle baby poo.