Potential DVC newbie

I’m actually toying with joining DVC and remarkably, my DW is much less against it than she has been in the past. My knowledge of DVC is currently based mostly on their website and random comments mainly on the touring plans chat forum. I looked into it ~5 years ago and said no. Reasoning back then was we’re a rope drop to closing type, so with only one exception always stayed at value resorts and while DVC rooms are clearly much nicer, didn’t save money over a value resort, so wasn’t very compelling. Also, we were only going on a trip every 2-3 years.

A lot has changed in five years for me, Disney, and the world in general! Some good, some clearly not-so-good. Biggest one is in the five years since first looking I realized we’ve made at least some kind of trip every year!

Could some of you super-experts suggest a few websites or forums I look at to get a better “lay of the land” when it comes to DVC? I believe I have a pretty good handle on the all positive spin from Disney themselves, so looking for the whole story from folk actually using it–or not and why?

Thanks in advance.

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I would look in the DVC section of this forum. There are a lot of threads discussing whether it’s a good or bad idea to buy based on individual circumstances.


There is a Disney Vacation Club section of this forum.

You can look at this recent thread:

Also, MouseOwners, and their forum is great.

I like this site for info:

It also has a forum.

This is a Disboards DVC site:

Podcasts: Welcome Home Podcast

My DVC Points Community



Duh! Scroll down! :frowning:

I must have done that a long time ago, figured nothing too interesting (at the time) and then haven’t scrolled down on the forum page in a long time. OOPS!

Thanks, will

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Thank you PrincipalTiker!

Besides Jeff_AZ pointing out I just needed to scroll down the forum page, I’ll start perusing the other sites you suggest. Reading the good/bad/ugly thread was certainly a good read, looking forward to the rest.



Actually I think the DVC section is relatively new, so it may not have been around the last time you looked into it.



I’m not good with tech, so I didn’t really know how to link the thread. Hopefully this works. Anyway, if I recall, it was also a good one.

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The Dis Unplugged also has a you tube channel, The DVC Show that’s informative.

It is also available as a podcast

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Thanks all! Doing a lot more studying and reading up from more balanced sources helps a lot!


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