Postponing WDW.. credit?

My significant other and I were bent on going to Disney 3 weeks from now, but the family pressure is really getting to us even though we are sure there won’t be any problem at all. At this point, we’re just gonna cancel the trip to ease everyone’s worries because it has been such a headache.

Will WDW give us any refund at all? Or at least give us a trip credit to use the tickets at a future date? I am going to call them tomorrow, but I would like to know my chances if this is an even possible request.

Did you buy a package (Hotel plus tickets) or just tickets? Generally they will allow you to apply the cost of unused tickets to future tickets. Best to confirm on your call with them but typically they are relatively accommodating, especially with coronavirus concerns.

Just tickets, and thank you! I’ll will give them a call once it hits 7am here.

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