Postponing trip

Hi all. We orginally had a trip planned last year, labor day week. We cancelled due to Covid. Fast forward now and our tickets are good until the end of Sept (2021). To put it simply, the current Disney experience is one that I have zero interest in. So my question is, has anyone had any luck getting Disney to extend the expiration date of their tickets? I don’t really want to take my family and spend my money there at all until it is somewhat of a resemblance to what it used to be.

Thank you.

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Even if your tickets have expired, you can always apply the cost of your tickets to new tickets. You will be subject to price inflation but it’s better than losing the value completely.

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Wow, I had no idea. Thanks for letting me know!

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Yes this I my possible plan - I’m keeping an eye on summer and then making a decision

I just extended our tickets to the end of November, when our next trip is planned. There was no issue at all.

Yes, I did this too for October.

My tickets were from March 2020. I had to pay $88 per adult ticket and ~$30 per child. These were 7 day park hoppers.