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Is there a way (other than a link) to post a picture from you phot library and not “download “ the photo? Do I remember something about copying and paste from the early days of the forum? How do you post pictures? I am having an issue since I upgraded to iOS 11 and can’t find a solution other than posting screen shots of my photos (don’t laugh- it works).

When posting/replying, tap Upload in the lower right corner of the message window, then select Photo Library. Here is a test to show that it works:

That is how I have always done it but I am having an issue with my photos since the last iOS update and I am posting sideways photos here now. I can screen shot but I am trying to “think outside the box” and I am wondering about other Work arounds .

Oh yeah- and I love your photo!

I just did the latest iOS update and now my phone won’t hold a charge.Ugh! The husband says that this is how Apple ensures that we buy their latest model of phone. I’ll be interested to hear if anyone solves the photo mystery for you!

Strange - I am using an iPhone 6S Plus running iOS 11.0.1 and do not have the sideways photo issue. Which phone model and iOS 11 version are you using?

@brklinck, I have an iPhone 6 running iOS 11.0.1 but it seems to be a coding issue. I thought it was a forum issue but David from TP helped me and then I did some more research. This is how this photo is posted in my library

It also posts that way on Instagram.
This is how it posts here:

It will attach to my comcast email the same way but if I email direct from my photos (gmail) it is correct. I am landing at that I turned the phone to take the photo and software usually automatically converts it to how I have oriented but somehow my library has lost that? This happens with my iPad 2 running iOS 9 so I believe it is my library that has this issue now. See? I figured out screen shots post a photo the correct way?!!!

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I am testing the forum update

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Yay! It works!