Posting ADR Drops

Hi, just wondering is it of any use to post on here when planning on dropping a hard-to-get ADR? (ie. Snow White, Be Our Guest etc)

I’ve got a couple I need to decide on then drop - but wasn’t sure if it was something someone from here could get first dibs on if they know when it’s getting dropped. Not sure how it all works.

Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s very kind of you to do that! People do post from time to time about that. I think it’s more commonly shared in chat but is welcome here just as well.


Yes! And if you are on chat and/or the facebook group, post it there as well.


I always wondered about this too. Does it really helps us? Has any one of us actually been able to grab the ADR after it was dropped? I am concerned there are so many people on the Disney site all the time that odds are still really high that one of us (even when alerted) wouldn’t be able to grab it.

It absolutely works! FPPs not so much, but if you coordinate a time for someone to drop and ADR so you can pick it up, the odds are definitely in your favor.


I’ve only done this once, although it was through Facebook. Worked great, and meant we could pick up a last minute breakfast at Trattoria the day before we left.

Do be aware that there is a bit of a delay between the person releasing the ADR and it being visible in MDX (a minute or two). Just keep refreshing and it should appear. :slight_smile:

Cool , worth a try then. I’m only on this forum but will post day and time when I’m ready to finalise which ones I am keeping on the off chance someone wants to grab them.
I have 2 Story Book dinner reservations to drop and 1 BOG breakfast (I think still undecided on that one)
Wdw 09/30 - 10/11

Drat, your window’s right before my trip. I’m really hoping for a Story Book ADR.

I’d be interested in the Story Book. I’ll be there 9/30-10/5