Post Your Disney Tree!

We just bought an ornament tree to put up our growing collection of Disney ornaments. Anybody else have a “Disney tree”?


Our hidden Mickey on the tree from last year.


The tree is nice, but I love the wainscoting in that room!


Thank you! That’s my wife’s doing (or selecting, at least).

Once upon a time I had so many Disney decorations. (My birthday is in December.) But then I felt it was overpowering my house so I sold tons of stuff on eBay and Craigslist… I was also in a very anti-Disney phase. There are a few things I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of now, as my kids are super into it and I could have diluted it a lot by giving it to kids as they got older.

We have 2 Disney trees


So I have no pictures, but we have a ton of ornaments. We have discussed putting up two smaller trees: one SW and one Disney. Haven’t done it yet, but maybe this year is the year!

I love that! My DH keeps telling me I need a Disney tree–yours is perfect.