Post-trip advice (DVC / ADA)

I am a huge Disney fan, a thorough planner (mathematician), and a big kid at heart. Last week DW and I finally took our youngest two kids to Disney at 9 & 11.

The trip was not so magical - overcrowded streets, ride closures, rude guests (especially to ECV bound DW) and acccessibility frustrations marred a well planned trip. Previously I had been at the park numerous times, when a step-sister of mine used to work there before she passed away in 2016. The street crowds last weekend were the worst I had ever been present for.

My aunt and uncle have a 50 point BWV DVC contract they are willing to ‘gift’ to us as family (compensation may be made outside of Disney’s eyes). They don’t use it like they used to since DS passed. Originally, the plan was for us to buy an additional 50 pts at a different resort on top of the gift, to make sure that DW could get good ADA rooms for her wheelchair or ECV (all hardwood floors, tub with handles, low counters/tables). However, when we went for a DVC tour last weekend, they did not have any ADA rooms available to show us. We have a rep looking now, but DW is soured on ever going back.

I know how great the parks can be, but last week was truly rough, and to only have one great day out of six is souring DW to the monetary commitment. This makes me sad, because I truly believe last week was not indicative of Disney in general, and we are now in a financial position to take more frequent vacations than when the kids were younger. My solution is to plan another trip and hope for better results, but that’s not going to happen with the family budget for at least a year or two, and the DVC gift will not wait past November of this year.

Do any of you have advice on recovering from negative experiences or making things better for ADA reliant persons? Am I being too optimistic, and are ultra-crowded streets the ‘new normal’ at Disney?

IME - Unfortunately so… it’s only going to get busier over the next couple of years with the addition of so many new attractions / shows / anniversaries

February is supposed to be a “slow / refurbishment” month and it’s CL8+ often. It doesn’t help that they cut back on staffing during these times to save money so there aren’t any “slow” times any more - just slower than July / Christmas!

Maybe a break from Orlando is what you both need to get the excitement back. I know this doesn’t help with your deadline of November. However, as much as I love theme parks I’m not a DVC person because I’m “locked” in. Take that money and try other things or save and go back in a couple years with a large amount saved up.


A couple years ago I had an awful trip to Disney. I almost canceled a future a trip I had planned and was thinking I’d never go back. It may sound weird, but what helped was taking the trip that was already planned. We had a fabulous time. I know there’s no guarantee that will happen, but it worked for me.

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