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LOL absolutely !!!

The original cartoon is about tv series you’re binge-watching. In my case, since I started planning my Christmas trip, I’ve barely had time for television. I’m way behind!

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I’m afraid not.

It would need to be modified, with the shaded section divided up between 3 (or 4) vacation zones. And by the time one vacation zone ends, the others have grown in planning stages to prevent the void…plus a new vacation plan will start up.

Basically, I just avoid the void. :slight_smile:

Currently planning:

  1. May 2019 two day trip to Cedar Point
  2. May 2020 two week trip to Disney/Universal
  3. December 2020 two week trip to Disney (25th anniversary)
  4. May-ish 2021 four day trip to Silver Dollar City.
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Silly. TV is supposed to replace your Socializing section! :wink:

I’ve almost entirely forgotten about my July 2019 trip. I almost feel sorry for it. It must be feeling very neglected. I think the spreadsheet for that trip will gather dust until I get back from my Christmas trip.

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There’s no accounting here for the time you spend helping friends plan their trips.


Sounds like a lot of fun. I have to wait for my kids to all hit 54" before we’re willing to invest in trips to B&M heavy parks. Could be another 6 or 7 years. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy all the Disney we can get before they’re ‘too cool’.