Possible trip in November

Hi Touring Plans Family! I’m considering taking my kiddos back to WDW in November. Right now there aren’t any deals out there for room-only reservations in November. Is it better to book the room type at the resort I want at rack rate and then try to modify later if or when a special offer comes out or should I wait until the special offer is released? Thanks for the advice!!!

I don’t believe if you booked at rack rate and then tried to get the reservation under a special that they would let you do it without canceling the first one If reservations are tight, you might not get it back. I think you already know about MVT so I won’t get into that.

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You can modify your reservation, sometimes even yourself online, once a deal comes out. I did it last year. Calling also works to modify. It doesn’t give you an advantage either way. I personally liked having a reservation so I knew I was going and to the resort I wanted!


True you can Modify and existing reservation but I think you will find it difficult if not impossible to get it changed to a special offer you did not originally book. I guess it would not make much difference if you canceled the first in leu of the special offer except for having to redo the FP’s. The ADR’s would of coarse remain until cancelled.

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That is where using a TA can be beneficial. When the last package/discount came out, before I even knew that one had, she had emailed me that she had run the numbers and it would not benefit me. If it would have been to my benefit, she had my ok to go ahead and make the change.

But a good TA would be able to book and then check it when new promotions and discounts come out and make that change if it would be beneficial.

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I had no trouble modifying my reservation when free dining came out a year and a half ago. I was able to do it online.

About the good TA thing. The reason I stopped using them was they just wanted to book right away. I now however use MVT but not for that type of booking but rather because their specials are so incredible that I am already getting the best I can get. I booked my own WDW vacation for years waiting for the specials to come up, (Fall Free Dinning Plan, Spring Stay Play and Dine). I tried to get one of the TA’s advertised in the big book, but she only wanted to book at current prices and could not guarantee that if a special came up, that she could change it for me. As far as Disney Travel agents on-line were concerned, they will book it but will tell you nothing about upcoming special or the like. Right now Darcy at MVT is the only agent I will book through. Also when it came to booking and airline none of them really wanted to do that and they especially didn’t want to keep and eye out for a good deal on the type of flight you were looking for.