Possible to squeeze in extra kid?


We have 1 night/ 1 day at Universal. Looking to stay onsite, but any room for 6 (2 adults, 4 kids) costs $750. Standard rooms are running $325 and sleep 5. Do you think we could squeeze 6 in one of these then buy 5 regular park to park tickets (and take advantage of the free universal express), and 1 park to park with the additional Universal Express? Trying to minimize cost for 1 day at the parks!


Against fire codes, against the rules, etc.

People on message boards will either attack or tell you to do what you want


I know, I know - looking like on-site for us going to just be cost-prohibitive. Thx


Putting all the rules stuff to one side - that's up to you.

Remember that the best bit about staying on site at the moment is the early entry to Harry Potter and that if you have a 6th person in a 5 person room, they won't get the early entry.

What time of year are you going? During slower times probably won't need express pass and the Harry Potter attractions don't have express pass anyway. I've been in January and February without express pass and had minimal waits for stuff (usual advice get there early and have a plan). The Harry Potter stuff in Diagon alley will of course be crazy busy whenever you go for the foreseeable future, but we have had good luck walking straight on using the single rider queue for the forbidden journey ride in the hogsmeade village bit.

The advice on here seems to be to save Diagon alley for later in the day if you DON'T have early entry as by regular opening time it is full already. So it's a better use of your time to go take advantage of short lines elsewhere first thing.

Good luck!


Thanks, Ellen. We are going in November, so hopefully Diagon Alley lines will diminish late in the day.


No problem. Unless you are going close to Thanksgiving, I would think you should be ok in November without express pass - hopefully you'll get some other peeps offering their experiences/opinions too.


We added an "extra" person to our overnight airport room last August . Not saying it's right, but we did it wink


Did you look into the family suites at Cabana Bay? They sleep 6 and are under $350.


Back in my younger wilder days we used to cram about 8 of us in the rooms there, not saying its right but we did and im sure im not the only one who has had an extra person in the room over what was on the reservation.