Possible to delete park pass without calling?

Hiya! My family and I are finally going back to WDW in October (yay!). We are staying at the TownePlace Suites at Flamingo Crossings, booked as a package through the Disney website. I was not able to make park pass reservations myself because it’s not a Disney resort (that’s what they said on the phone anyway)…until they did something on the back end to enable it for me. So, they activated it, AND they made the park reservations for me while I was on the phone. I decided just now to switch two of the days, and was able to make new reservations…but the old ones are still there. And I don’t see a way to delete the old ones. I clicked on “view details” but there is only a back button there. I just kind of assumed that when I made a new reservation, I’d get some sort of message asking to delete the old one, or maybe it would just disappear on its own. Has anyone encountered this? I don’t really want to sit on hold for another few hours just to delete two reservations.

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I read someone who had done this just a few days ago but I can’t remember who. If Disney has made them, they have to delete them I’m almost sure.

Hi this may be a system issue. Once your ticket/resort days allocation of park passes are used up i.e. if you have 4 days you should only be able to reserve 4 passes (in for each day for each party member). I have 14 days in my (hopeful) trip this September (moved from last September to May then this September due to US border being closed) and I could only cancel a pass reservation in May to create a new one in September.

If you are seeing the double pass in MDE it may be worth either bouncing/refreshing the app/web page. If that does not work I would suggest calling Disney support.

If you go and view details you should see this:

and in order to cancel you click on the Cancel this reservation link.

Hope this helps. Enjoy the 50th celebs in October


Thanks guys! I think you’re right I’ll have to call eventually. Sigh… :grin: I saw a cancel option for the new reservations I made myself on the app. OH and saw this…

Fastpasses coming back?!? :astonished:

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I was able to use the text chat on the app and someone canceled them for me :blush: