Possible to Book LL and ILL at same time?

Can you book a Genie+ Lightning lane at the same time as you book an Individual Lightning lane? For example, if I purchase an ILL at rope drop, can I also book another G+ LL ride right away, or do I have to wait for 90 minute/2hour window to expire?

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Yes you can book ILL’s at the same time as a G+ LL. ILL’s are a separate deal so there’s no timer or anything. You don’t have to have G+ purchased to buy an ILL (but I do believe at DLR you’ll need a park reservation for that day to be able to purchase an ILL).

The timers/windows will only apply to G+ LL’s once you make your first G+ LL selection. :slight_smile:


To purchase Rise before an 11 am RT you have to have a DL APR. That’s the same for RSR, but for DCA, but you can purchase an ILL for the other park as long as the RT is after 11 am, and you have a hopper ticket.


Just wanted to add that you may not want to book your ILLs at rope drop either – you might have an immediate return time. It may be more useful for you to wait to purchase the ILL until later in the day, and utilize the valuable rope drop time visiting other attractions that either don’t have LL or you want to repeat later with G+, while those lines are short.

Unless it is a remarkably busy day, ILL return times will be near-immediate all day – just keep an eye on the current return times on the Disneyland app and you should be golden!


BellesRose…Thanks for the info. I don’t understand all of the abbreviations. What is APR (as in DL APR)? Thanks in advance.

It’s a park reservation! It just means that your start park for the day must be Disneyland to book a Rise ILL with a return time before 11am, since that is the park-hopping time. If you start at DCA, you can book Rise ILLs once the return time reaches 11am (which probably won’t be until near 11am anyways).