Possibility of extended hours?

I was looking through my plan and realized that MK is closing at 9PM for the week of 9/1-9/8. The only days it’s not is when there’s a party (closing at 6PM) and the 1 day of EMH (where it’ll be open to 11PM).

In short: yowza that’s … uh… short. :stuck_out_tongue: In 2016, for the same week I saw MK being open from 11-1AM 5 out of 7 days… I was wondering what the likelihood of that happening again was? Or are these hours pretty much looking set?

I know summer hours can vary pretty drastically depending on how things are going, but does the fall do that as well?

I have no idea about your dates specifically, but when I asked a similar question here a while back about May hours, “they” said park hours are usually extended except in really slow times and the hour extensions usually appear mid-month the month before (so April 15th ish for my May trip). Last-minute changes do happen but not usually shorter so what you see the month before is a good indication.

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ah ok. Thanks! I wasn’t sure if Disney was trying to dial things back like they are currently.

I looked at 2017 hours, comparing weekend to weekend (not specific dates). On the holiday weekend, Sat and Sun were until 11, but the weekday nights were only until 9 (not counting evening EMH or party nights). That’s only two late nights that holiday weekend, not the 3 you had in 2016, and they weren’t as late (11 & 11 vs 1 & 12). If I recall, people were complaining about not as many late (really late) nights last summer. We’ll have to see if they do the same this year.

But definitely keep an eye on the hours, they often change them several times, right up to the day of.

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